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are you accepting new lash extension clients right now?

yes! Feel free to call us (701-436-1752) or book online!

how long does my hair have to be to wax or sugar?

either an eighth of an inch long, or until you can pinch the hair with your fingertips.

it's my time of the month. can I still get a brazilian/bikini wax?

definitely! its completely normal to get waxed during your menstrual cycle. just make sure you're all cleaned up and wearing a tampon before you get on the table and there are no issues. surprise? no worries, we have flushable wipes & tampons in the bathroom at your convenience.

I'm pregnant. can I still get a brazilian/bikini wax?

absolutely! feel clean and smooth all the way up to delivery. when your babe starts to grow, it's hard to see what's going on while trying to shave. waxing is a great alternative! you may be a little more sensitive to the pain, but nothing you won't be able to handle. we've waxed clients in all three trimesters.

do you do any male waxing?

yes! we offer facial waxing, along with chest & back waxing.

how do I know if I'm a good candidate for fluffy brow lamination versus henna?

fluffy brow lamination is more for those with unruly or unmanagable brows and would like for them to be placed more "up and out". henna brows are for those with thin or sparse brows and who desire more hair growth on their brows.

what do I do to prepare for a spray tan?

exfoliate and shave your whole body one to two nights before your spray tan. moisturize really well the night before. day of your spray tan, do not put any makeup, lotions, or deodorants. we also provide you with a disposable bra and thong if you so choose to wear one.

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